Industry Testimonials

2015 AIDN-WA event, "Future of the Navy & Defence Industry in WA":

"The City were delighted to host Vice Admiral Tim Barrett, Chief of Navy at the recent 'Future of the Navy & Defence Industry in WA' breakfast function. The City welcomed the opportunity to promote closer ties between industry groups and the Defence Department and looks forward to working with AIDN-WA in the future on similar events."

- Daniel Arndt,

Director, Planning and Development Services,

City of Cockburn. 

"Business Foundations was very pleased to work with AIDN-WA to bring the local defence industry and the Chief of Navy together at a recent event in Cockburn in Western Australia. The Admiral challenged our local defence suppliers to be innovative and develop new ways to assist the Navy to maximise seaworthiness of the Australian Navy fleet. Small to medium-sized businesses that have unique capabilities to assist the Navy in its goals should consider entering the defence supply chain. This is something our organisation can also assist businesses with."

- Phil Kemp,

CEO, Business Foundations. 


2015 AIDN-WA
 event, "Meet the Defence Minister, the Hon. Kevin Andrews MP":

"We have an innovative, highly capable and competitive defence industry here in WA. The forum hosted by AIDNWA gave the minister the opportunity for a constructive and interactive dialogue with WA defence business and it demonstrated very clearly to him what we are capable of here in the West. Minister Andrews was certainly very impressed by what he heard and saw during his visit to Perth."

- Senator Linda Reynolds CSC, 

Senator for Western Australia, Liberal Party of Australia. 

Austal appreciated the opportunity to sponsor the recent AIDN-WA function attended by the Minister of Defence. With a large and fully engaged audience, a topical keynote address and lengthy Q&A session by the Minister, this was an excellent event in which to highlight Austal as a leading Defence company, and hence a great event to sponsor."

- Davyd Thomas,

Vice President of Defence, Austal. 

"This was a great opportunity for Babcock to assist in bringing the Defence Minster to Western Australia to speak about Defence Industry opportunities. We are very happy to have supported this event in combination with AIDN-WA."

- Mark Powell,

General Manager, Babcock Pty Ltd. 

"The Department of Commerce was pleased to host the recent AIDN-WA event, with the Hon Kevin Andrews, Minister for Defence, at its Innovation Centre of WA. Minister Andrews spoke of the importance of innovation in Australia and provide insights of potential opportunities for engagement with the Defence sector. The opportunity to meet the Minister and network with other industry representatives was a valuable opportunity and we look forward to partnering with AIDN-WA for future events."

- Sandra Draper,

Industry and Innovation Division, Department of Commerce. 

"Known for delivering valuable content and high calibre networking opportunities, ADIN-WA are a leading body in the defence space. It was a pleasure working with AIDN-WA to host the Hon. Kevin Andrews, Minister for Defence. The ease with which we found working with AIDN-WA is testament to their professionalism and we look forward to working with them in future."

- Eman Seif,

Innovation Centre of WA. 


2015 AIDN-W
A event, "Women in Defence Dialogue":

"Thanks again to AIDN-WA and AMCHAM for organizing this important event, which highlighted the groundbreaking work of women in the defence industry. I strongly believe that it is still important to feature prominent women in leadership roles across industries to encourage young girls to expand their horizons when considering future career paths."

- Cynthia Griffin,

US Consul General, Perth. 

2015 AIDN-WA event, "The Defence Undersea Industry in WA":

"The location was perfect. The three speakers gave insightful presentations on WA industry involvement with Defence, and it was good to hear how local SME’s are a vital part of the WA Defence supply chain. UVS looks forward to becoming more involved with Defence in WA and to future AIDN-WA events."

- Neil Hodges,

CEO, UVS Pty Ltd. 

"This event is a fine example where Industry and professional societies can come together to build awareness of industry achievements. ASDE looks forward to future partnerships with AIDN-WA to the benefit of our members."

- Andrew Airey, 

WA Chairman, Australian Society for Defence Engineering. 

"Western Australian Defence industry plays a pivotal role in support of the Australian submarine force. Events such as this draw attention to the broad range of skills and expertise they encompass as well as providing an important opportunity for participants to network with other industry representatives. The Submarine Institute of Australia was delighted to be able to support the recent AIDN-WA event at the Fremantle Sailing Club. The SIA objective is to promote discussion on submarine matters and the high quality speakers at the AIDN-WA event gave insightful presentations on matters related to undersea operations and activities."

- Mike Deeks,

Executive Director, Submarine Institute of Australia. 


2014 AIDN-WA event, "Naval Modernisation Trends and Defence Industry in WA":

"I really appreciated the AIDN-WA December presentation on Naval Modernisation Trends as it was informative, honest and practical. WA industry and those with a close interest in defence matters need this type of overview in order to lobby for the State, and contribute to debates in an informed way. The voice of WA defence industry tends not to get heard much on the East coast or in Canberra."

- Fran Logan MLA,

Member for Cockburn. 

"The defence industry in Western Australia consists of world-class participants and is constantly overlooked in favour of louder and noisier industry sectors. AIDN-WA gives the WA defence industry a voice.” He went on to say: “We're really pleased to support AIDN-WA and we are especially happy with the strong turnout at the end of year event. It demonstrates that industry participants see - and quite properly - the value in AIDN-WA's good work."

- David Stewart, 

Director, Wrays Lawyers. 

"Following the ANZUS Alliance, which acknowledges close cooperation of Australia and the United States, AIDN-WA and AMCHAM have forged their own strategic partnership. This will allow both organisations to leverage off the others unique position, share resource and provide greater service to their members."

- Penelope Williamson,

Manager, AmCham WA.  


2014 AIDN-WA event, “Future of WA’s Defence Sector and Opportunities in the Indian Ocean Region":

"AIDN-WA is providing a forum for industry, government, and other interested parties to meet and consider challenges and opportunities in the defence sector in Western Australia - it's an incredibly valuable role."

- Paul Papalia,

WA Labor Shadow Minister for Corrective Services, Tourism and Defence Issues. 


2014 Sir John Forrest Oration:

"I thought the session to be extremely useful and learned so much about the relevance, potential and impact of this Defence Aviation Sector to Western Australia."

- The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, Lisa M. Scaffidi,

City of Perth 

"This was a great inaugural event, and an important step forward for WA's Defence Industry. The range of speakers was one of the key speakers that made it a wothwhile exercise, and we were very happy to support it in combination with AIDN-WA."

- Pat Hall,

WA General Manager, Thales Australia. 

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